The Power of One: “What If…”

Since we started a new BNI leadership term less than two months ago, numerous chapter leaders have reached out and shared statements very similar to this…

“Our chapter is pretty solid. Our members really like each other- and are passing a good number of referrals- but we know we can be so much better if we really focus.

The danger in low goals

Many chapters are in this situation- and it’s exciting! Being part of a solid and successful team is a great thing. What’s even more exciting is working with a team that’s already having success who, inspired to elevate their performance, asks, “WHAT IF…”

What would it look like if

  • 1 Every member of your chapter arrived early and stayed for the entire meeting each week
  • Every member of your chapter hosted 1 visitor at your chapter each month
  • Every member of your chapter did 1  1-to-1 with a fellow member each week
  • Every member of your chapter generated 1 referral each week
  • Every member of your chapter earned 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) each week

To dramatically improve your results, you just have to focus on The Power of One. You don’t have to re-create the wheel or launch a ton of shiny new initiatives to generate excitement… You just have to have each individual member commit to doing his or her part.

Some of you may be reading this and thinking… “That sounds great but there are people in my chapter who would never go for that.” My question to you is, “But what if they did?”

Every member of your team signed up to participate in BNI. Even if some members don’t achieve the full Power of One,

  • What if we can engage your team members to participate at a higher level?
  • What if members in your chapter who are only doing two 1-to-1’s per month right now begin doing 4?

IF every member of your entire BNI Sales Team participates and contributes at this level…

  • How much energy would be buzzing around the room at your weekly meeting?
  • How many more connections would you make due to an increase in visitors?
  • How much more Thank You For Closed Business might you generate?

That’s The Power of One.

Your experience and results are based mostly on you and your team’s active participation in the BNI program. That’s why keeping it simple and staying focused on The Power of One in your chapter is your greatest tool to improve results.

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