The Value of Connecting

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When it comes to networking, most business people miss opportunities because they lack the understanding of the real value in the connections you make with everyone you meet.

It may not be the person you are talking to at an event who you think you need to connect with.  Often times, it’s who that person knows that you do need a connection to.

“What Brings You Here Today?”

I get the biggest kick out of conversation “ice breakers,” at networking events.  Sometimes they’re awkward…Nerdy Woman With Name Tag Stuck To Nose

Whether your conversation fizzles out after “So what do you do?” or your new acquaintance does their best roast of the local meteorologists because the weather is at the top of their list of things to talk about, it can feel a little cheesy and even generate some memorable awkward pauses.

But PLEASE…don’t hold that against ice breakers or networking events! Just change the conversation- start to explore their “why.”