Want More Profitable Networking Connections?

If you’re looking to generate more referrals and clients from networking, spend time refining your message.

  1. Pile of WordsFocus on one product or service in each conversation.  Networking events are busy places with lots of names and faces to remember.  That’s why it’s critical for you to highlight one piece of what you do…so it’s easy to remember.  The more you share, the more likely your message is to get lost in the information overload.
  2. Tell us why you enjoy providing that.  We all sell something valuable…but sharing why you enjoy providing your clients with your one product or service allows them to easily make a real connection with you and your brand.
  3. Share a story. When you share a story, something magical happens…It gives everything context and makes your message “sticky.”  As a result, you AND the rest of your message about your product or service are more likely to be remembered.

REMEMBER: People are more likely to do business with you AND refer others to you once they understand they make a real connection with you. Your ability to share these 3 elements naturally in a casual conversation or in a formal presentation will make the difference between you being remembered as ‘a nice person I met at that networking meeting’ and ‘someone I need to get to know.’It may take some time until weaving in these 3 elements becomes second nature…but you can’t afford to be forgotten!

Invest 10 minutes right now refining your message and approach for your next networking.

The results are worth the preparation!

“You Need ID??? But I’m 43!!!”

Every time I drop in the grocery store with my Dad, the cashier asks to see his Driver’s License when he unloads a 12 pack of beer (usually Beck’s) onto the checkout counter.
MED-_ID Required
Of course, we all know the law requires individuals to be 21 years old in order to purchase alcohol and asking to see ID is reasonable. But come on…my Dad is 70 years old!