Are You in Your “Zone?”

You hear business people say they are “in the zone”. Most people mean they are being extremely productive. When you are in the zone, you cannot be stopped. The zone is the place to be. That all sounds really great, but doesn’t that mean you are also in your comfort zone? Is the comfort zone really a great place to be?

mouse Trap

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The problem with zones is there is no room for improvement. If you are in your zone or comfort zone, how do you improve? The old expression there is always a better way to build a mouse trap never happened from someone in the zone. In order to build that better mouse trap we have to think outside the zone.

Zones are warm and fuzzy places, hence the name comfort zone. That means outside of our comfort zone is where our fears live. 

You must overcome your fears by stepping out of your comfort zone. But have no fear…you are not alone! Everyone has fears to overcome.

Here are the top 4 fears experienced by business people: