The Power of One: Traffic Lights Analysis Tool

As a busy professional who has made BNI a piece of your marketing puzzle, you want to be as effective with your networking as possible.

That’s a big part of why our local chapters meet every week and track our networking activities and results…what we focus on, and measure, gets done! Conversely, if you don’t set goals and track your progress, you’re not very likely to achieve the results you truly want.

Lack of Focus + Lack of Measurement = Poor Results

Empowering Performance

MED-_Going for the Green-Cropped

Our Traffic Lights are amazing analysis tools which allow members to track the key success factors for networking success. We’ve been using them since 2013 but recently pulled them from the field for a few months and made some enhancements.  Now they’re Back- and BETTER THAN EVER!!!

Why Traffic Lights are so helpful: It helps you and your team see which areas of BNI’s Key Success Factors you’re actively engaged with and which ones to focus on to improve results. These easy to read, color-coded reports are shared monthly with all members to help you and your team have a productive and profitable BNI experience. Looking for the keys to maximize your results and enhance your experience in BNI? This is it!

The Power of One: “What If…”

Since we started a new BNI leadership term less than two months ago, numerous chapter leaders have reached out and shared statements very similar to this…

“Our chapter is pretty solid. Our members really like each other- and are passing a good number of referrals- but we know we can be so much better if we really focus.

The danger in low goals

Many chapters are in this situation- and it’s exciting! Being part of a solid and successful team is a great thing. What’s even more exciting is working with a team that’s already having success who, inspired to elevate their performance, asks, “WHAT IF…”