I’m an Executive Director with BNI, the largest referral networking organization in the world.

This is my personal blog.   My goal is to help people make connections, grow strong relationships and share ideas to build better businesses and be better leaders.  That’s why why I write on networking, referrals, relationships, leadership and personal development.

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I also write about BNI.  While all of the topics I just mentioned are very much part of BNI (and I will share stories and experiences from the organization) most of my writings posted in these categories won’t be about BNI specifically so all readers get maximum benefit.

If you’re a member, this is a great way to share some of the most powerful experiences and concepts you see in BNI with non-members like colleagues, friends and family.  I will share BNI specific posts to a separate tab so we can easily share the latest information, fun stories and celebrations as we help Members Make More Money.

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